Chronic Pain

Calhoun Chiropractic Care to Help Reduce Chronic Pain


There are many ways that a local chiropractor can assist you with your overall health and wellbeing. Form general maintenance and balanced health to advanced healing and system balance, a chiropractic care team can help you stay healthy and strong. This is especially true for individuals who suffer from chronic pain.  If you are in the Calhoun area and are looking for spinal care for you or a loved one, we invite you to come to see us here at McCracken Chiropractic. Here are just some of the ways our team of spinal care experts can help you with your chronic pain:

  • Ensures strong communication within the body- the brain has to be in constant communication with the rest of the body in order to control all the systems and functions that keep us healthy. When communication is disrupted it can cause problems with brain control and this can result in pain.
  • Keeps the nervous system healthy and strong- a chiropractor can help ensure the spine is in proper alignment, which in turn ensures the nervous system can keep the rest of the body in balance. This reduces the chances of illness and injury leading to worsening of your chronic pain symptoms.
  • Reduces chances of muscle and ligament injury- our muscles and ligaments allow us to move and are what provide us with movement and mobility. When our bodies are limber and able to move freely the chances of strains and injury can then be greatly reduced and at times eliminated.
  • Helps prevent sensory overload or under sensation- when something is off balance with the nervous systems, such as a pinched nerve or out of place vertebrae, it can cause pain flare ups or it can cause severe numbness and even weakness in the affected area of the body.
  • Eases inflammation that can cause pain- the body’s natural response to an injury or illness is often to flood the area with stem cells, blood, and hormones. This can cause the area to be inflamed which can pinche nerves and lea to chronic pain or aggravating current pain symptoms.
  • Keeps all systems in balance with each other- the final way chiropractic care can help fight chronic pain is ensuring every system of the body stays in proper balance. The nervous system connects the systems of the body and when the nervous system can work as it should everything stays in balance.

If you or a loved one have been searching for a Calhoun chiropractor in the area to assist you with treating your chronic pain, give us a call and schedule your appointment with our spinal care team at your earliest convenience!


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